22 years ago, 2 of my buddies and I, who grew up surfing on the East Coast, went on our annual surf trip to SoCal.  Despite knowing the local scene at one particular spot, we paddled out and started exchanging waves on the inner peak with each other. The waves were perfect 3-5 foot faces, and a little bigger on the outer peak. After a short time of killing the inner peak, we worked our way to the outside. We weren’t locals, but we charged every wave.  Eventually, the locals started talking to us, and we all started cheering each other on!  We all shared the same stoke, watching each other bash lips, or pull a hard cut back!  It turned out to be one of the best surf sessions of that trip! We ended up making some new friends, drawn together by the love of surfing. 

As the sun started to go down that day, we got out of the water.  Then, while walking through the parking lot, we stumbled upon some graffiti on a wall.  The Graffiti was EPIC! The boys and I adopted it, and we swore that one day it would become a known surfing brand! The slogan applies to the hardcore sub-culture of surfing, but it meant something bigger to us.  KGS Surf Apparel isn’t just about localism; it’s about putting in hard work, earning your stripes, and taking what’s yours!

Fast forward to 2022…. We trademarked the name and it’s time to launch this brand!